Friday, December 24, 2010

too busy made furious!

I got so much busy pace working environment lately. Despite lecturing, other side works need to be focused as well. Whereas , Iso,mqa, kPi, SAk, training, aset, Frp, mOu with others IPTAs, design web-based systems, students guidebook and all sort of kerja  yang menjalankan tugas perlu dibuat dengan rapi. Keterseksaan melecture students tanpa P&P yang sempurna cukup perit sudah, tambah lagi dengan segala kerja sampingan.

Principally, I purposely balik kul 5 pm tepat to allow myself not to think about work, refreshing my mind so that I able to lecture with smiling face. I dont want to bring any works back home. Sedaya upaya akan kucuba untuk siapkan juga kan office.Muka yang ceria, membuatkan mode jadi ceria dan terus pura-pura ceria dikala melihat students xpaham-paham mende yang kite ajar, walaupun stakat ajar satu subtopic, data-type. huhu.

Making slide notes are seriously tough hence references are not provided. Even the internet service and library are yet to be ready. One more challenge is to lecture until they understand. The problem is, language barrier, I can project my words well to lecture in English, but they did not even understand. I have to dwibahasa my lecture. At the end, when they answering quiz. They failed to perform. Why? They understand sipi-sipi only. If I start lecture in malay, they surely understand, but the think is they can answer the quiz because most of the term is in English. Complicated enough to make me fuzzy.

I fully aware they are not like us, university students, they are the leftover from those SPM students. Yang bagus2 dah selamat masuk universiti/matrik.I am not saying they not smart but they a little bit slower learner. English is their killer subject while taking SPM. Some of them dont have single A even B. This is a very big challenge to train them in english. Haishh.. dalam kelas bahasa enggeris pun depa suh cakap bahsa melayu, ini kan plak, kelas2 biasa. Tapi apakan daya, usaha mesti terus usaha, kalau bukan lecture yg cube mengubah cara pendidikan, siapa lagi la kan.


  1. yg masuk u pun de yg xphm omputih...xpe,smntara nk ikut flow mmg la terik ckit..but lama2 nnt ok nice to them :D

  2. lama-lama nanti depa pun dah grad dengan x paham ape ape.. tapi xpe, ada la tu jalan mane mane nak bagi depa paham. hehe. Aku usaha, Allah tentukan. InsyaAllah..

  3. dayah,
    Inshaallah... you can do it girl!
    Malaysia boleh!Uia boleh!dayah p0n boleh!hehe :P

    p/s:“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”~William Arthur Ward quotes

  4. haha andy..insya allah. dayah budak uia...ofkosh boleh..ecewahhh .thank you for your support..
    p/s: it takes 3 years to reply your comment


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